We are happy to send along a Princess or other entertainer for a half hour pop in!

This can be a wonderful ending to a party or special birthday treat.

The Princess or entertainer will come along for half an hour to say hello, bring out the cake, play a game, do a princess wish and pose for pictures or whatever you wish your entertainer to do in that 30 minutes.

It is as magical as it sounds! This adds a sprinkle of fairy dust and magic to any occasion! We have sent fairies to bring out breakfast and Peter Pan to welcome a little boy to London and of course many entertainers and characters to just wish you a happy birthday!

We do a Magical Morning or Bedtime Pop In too.

The Magical Morning it is a 30 minute visit between 7 and 10 am and the Bedtime Pop In is also a 30 minute visit with a Bedtime story after 6pm.