When you have booked and paid your deposit you will receive an email confirmation.

Generally on the week before your party one of our office fairies will call to ask if all details are the same, and to check if you need party bags or any reminders or suggestions.

A few days before your party your entertainer will be in touch to discuss the party plan and any specific details you want them to know.

We do ask at the time of booking for favourite games, songs, siblings to be included etc but equally there may be new things you want the entertainer to know such as this song will make my child cry, or we only want to hear let it go for the whole party (yes we have had that), or things you hadn't thought to mention. It is also just a way to let you know that your entertainer is a real person and no you won't be dressing up as Alice at the party unless you want to!

Equally we are your party planner and we want you to love your party so we are always at the end of a phone or email to help with any questions.