We celebrated our son’s 5th birthday as a Halloween party today and for the 1st time in 10 years of parenting, hired an entertainer. Well, thanks to MYSTICAL FAIRIES, it won’t be the last time! Lisa and Jordan, the 2 witches, were not only fantastic with the kids, but also helped with all the practical aspects of the party  (our son was not convinced about having female entertainers at first - I know. But he LOVED the 2 witches) There was Mummy Wrapping, Broomstick Races, Doughnut on a String Eating, Slime Making, as well as all the usual party favourites set to a Halloween playlist."
I am so sorry for the late email- Hayden and I wrote you a handwritten thank you note last weekend but it hasn't made its way to the post yet. Just wanted to thank you so much for the outstanding party- Hayden had the time of her life- she was so so happy. Your team is outstanding (Poppy Troll was beyond incredible!) and I completely understand why you come so highly recommended. I will be in touch as soon as I have another party! In fact you make me want to have more parties!
Dear Meg, Elizabeth, Niamh, Tamara, Tom and everyone at Mystical Fairies,

Thanks so much for making Louisa's Birthday today another amazing success! 

Louisa, Melissa, our guests and even the parents had a really brilliant time!! It was particularly touching to see how Tom and Tamara really connected with the children and there was a wonderful amount of laughter. I wish they could come over to entertain all of us every weekend!

It was so very kind of you Meg to plan a Beast surprise for us - it brought a tear to my eye that you had been so kind as to think of doing that for us! It was so super to have an extra pair of hands today however and have Tom/Beast with us the for full party - he was such a great compliment to the equally fabulous Tamara/Belle.

The party bags were also a big hit and the Cogsworth biscuits seemed to be very well received. Thanks so much for all the thought you put into those on our behalf.

As I have said before, this party may well have been our best yet under your expert care...

Thanks so much again,
Thank you so much for arranging the fairy for India's Halloween party. Elizabeth was a HUGE hit and was just fabulous with the children.  Best wishes
Hi Meg,  Thank you so much for today - everything was perfect & most importantly Teddy had the most wonderful time :)  The cookies were so so beautiful I can’t thank you enough!!!  I really look forward to working with you again.  Best Wishes, 
Happy Parents
Mystical fairies are a very special company, anyone wanting a unique and magical day should knock on their door as there is no other like them. You are transported from the first phone call to a world where kindness and happiness rules. It was the perfect fit for our daughter’s wishes. Meg was very attentive to all of our needs and made sure she gave us the best entertainers following our 'brief' for our day. Fairy Alice and Peter “Lewis” Pan were a real success for children and parents alike, they made everyone laugh, dance and cheer. They made sure all children were engaged in the party even the most timid ones. By the end, everyone was boogying on the dance floor with lots of smiles on their faces. The parents were loving the entertainment too, Fairy Alice made lots of fabulous jokes and created an enchanted world for the children. Everyone was fascinated when Neve got some very magical gifts that would take her to Fairyland and Neverland whenever she wished too, and the magic carried on. The games were fantastic (and as we requested a couple of games to be included - the request was always welcome with an easy 'of course’ by the team). My daughter had her favourite game, Pass the parcel, one of the highlights of her day, and they had the disco, which was my favourite. There was never a low, and Peter Pan made sure everyone was happy all the time especially Neve. The children still talk about the party 3 weeks on, with one boy determined to have the same party, another saying this was the most amazing birthday party ever (the parents said he never tells them anything)! The party ended with Fairy Alice and Peter Pan dressing up in normal people's costumes to go incognito in the crowds. I have loved having Mystical Fairies making my daughter’s 5th birthday the most magical day she has ever had. I can still see her eyes gleaming with all those dreams and happiness, and no money can buy you that!
Have just celebrated my Twins 4th Birthday, Mystical fairies provided the most wonderful memories for my little Fairies. Thank you very much; everything was perfect from the fairy queen to Peter Pan and a fabulous face painter!! From start to finish...great advise all the way , very supportive ...allowing me to concentrated in hosting.
Children and parents had a great time!! A very happy mummy !!
My daughter Beau had her first party age 4 which was Princess Ariel inspired and Mystical Fairies provided the entertainer. Their entertainers are truly worth every penny as our lady kept 15 children entertained and smiling for 2 hours which enabled me to prepare food and entertain the parents and keep the place from falling into chaos. I can honestly say I have never seen my daughter so happy jumping and dancing with all her friends. I will remember her beautiful smiling face as she ran into the garden with her new mermaid dress on.. Thank you Mystical Fairies
From the minute you guys helped me to find a venue after 2 unsuccessful months of venue hunting, I have been under the mystical fairies spell. To top it off, I can't begin to say how much the kids loved Glinda And Dorothy at my daughter's 5th Wizard of Oz birthday party last month. My mini me has not stopped talking about Glinda and Dorothy visiting her. Both were fantastic entertainers to the point that my little one actually believes she met the real Glinda. They were gorgeous and so captivating and I wish I held my kids attention like Glind a and Dorothy did. I might have to hire Glinda and Dorothy as our permanent resident entertainers and get rid of the TV! All she has to talk about, are how pretty they were and how she loved their smiles. I even caught her secretly practising her new smile in front of the mirror. What an impression they made on her! Personally I can't thank you enough for their quick thinking and salvaging the situation when we hadn't finished setting the venue up and the guests had started to come! Eternally grateful to Glinda, Dorothy, Meg and Liz.
The best party (Barbie theme) ever. Two fantastic young ladies who made my daughters wish come true. Definitely recommending to everyone I know. See you again next year. Xxxxx
I was at a Elsa and Anna party this weekend and it was the best frozen party I've been to. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an entertainer!
Hi Meg, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for an amazing and suitably grown up (but not too grown up) party today. Immy, Niamh and Natalie (apologies if I have got everyone’s names wrong) were so helpful, skilled, patient and generally jolly and the party, games and the beautifying all ran fabulously smoothly. One of Melissa’s guests squealed “it is so amazing, there is so much fun stuff to do!”. Thanks also very much for the glitter face paint and the special party bags for the girls - they were wonderful surprises. Thanks again for all the care and detail to put in to your parties for us and please also pass on our thanks to the ladies who ran everything today - the best party yet!
Every parent knows that arranging a kid’s party can be a tough experience, pleasing everyone is not a simple task! I am really glad that I came across Mystical Fairies, they took this load off my shoulders. From the very first phone call till the moment I closed the door behind the Fairy, everything went smooth! All our wishes have been taken into consideration, checked and double-checked to ensure the high quality and joy of the little ones. We had a great time, all of us, including the adults, let alone children who were mesmerised by the Fairy and all the fun she prepared for them. Can’t recommend you enough, thank you so much the Mystical Fairies crew and Celina the Fairy especially!